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Terisa Griffin “Soulzophrenic” Personalities of Soul has been a long time coming but worth the wait. Griffin took her time and orchestrated a work of love for her fans. This Dreamy CD will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate life and love.

If you own her previous CD “My Naked Soul” then you already know this songbird knows how to deliver a soulful masterpiece of songs. Her voice warms like a full-bodied cabernet. It’s sexy, alluring, and spine tingling. We at Voice Distributions Online Store welcome her new CD “Soulzophrenic” with open arms. Order yours here today!

1. You Got Me
2. What About You
3. Moma Said
4. The Night I Fell In Love
5. My Violin
6. Making Love
7. I’m Wondering
8. Simply Beautiful
9. I Confess
10. Do You Still
11. This Time I’ll Be Sweeter
12. Over and Over
13. I Can See Thru It All

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