Patti LaBelle “Live One Night Only!” DVD


See why she’s loved by millions around the world. Special guests Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross
This DVD Is A Collectors Item Featuring 21 Songs.

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“What’s My Name!” “PATTI PATTI!” The mold was broken when our girl, our super diva Ms Patti LaBelle was born. This DVD shows you why she is loved by millions of people around the world and why there’s not a woman living capable of stepping into her shoes. From begining to the end Patti will have you locked in on her performance of a lifetime. Any real fan of Ms LaBelle will make sure they have this DVD in their collection. ~ Maurice Watts

Track Listing:
1. Believe 2. When You Talk About Love 3. Flame 4. He Doesn’t Love You 5. New Attitude 6. If You Asked Me To 7. If Only You Knew 8. You Are My Friend 9. Lord’s Side 10. Is It Still Good To You (with Luther Vandross) 11. Don’t Make Me Over 12. If You Love Me 13. On My Own 14. Sparkle 15. Got To Be Real (with Mariah Carey) 16. Lady Marmalade 17. Patti Talk 18. A Change Is Gonna Come 19. Hold On (with Luther Vandross) 20. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 21. I Believe I Can Fly

I have been a Patti Labelle fan since 1972 when she unleashed the hit single, “You Are My Friend”. This live album, Live! One Night Only is her best to date. When I saw the live PBS special, after all these years, I was still amazed at her vocal range and her ability to command the stage. I belive this is classic Patti. The vocals are flawless and mesmerizing to the listener. I sang at an 1989 concert with her and she is as caring and real as this concert displays. I thought she couldn’t do “If You Love Me?” any better or with any more passion. I felt God there. This rendetion brought tears to my eyes and delight to my ears. She moves into your heart like a warm embrace that makes you feel safe, loved, electrified and free. Her redition on this cut is phemomenal! She cries, she wails, she soars and dances. She is Diva! Her voice is ethereal, piercing and proud to be in the rafters! I know of no other artist, not Aretha, not Jennifer Holiday, not Whitney, not Mariah nor any other to compare. Patti is Diva Incarnate. She is the consumate performer. The beauty and depth of her voice mirrors the warmth and power of her soul. This DVD, Live! One Night Only is not to be missed! ~ William G. Henderson


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