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Finally we have it! 90 Full color minutes of the best male vocalist of our time. If you’re a Luther Vandross fan, this dvd is must have for you! This video is priceless. His renditions of A House is Not a Home and Superstar on this concert dvd can only be outdone by the man himself. Not only is Luther’s voice velvety smooth but I guarantee that no one can ad-lib a song like he does. He could sing happy birthday and stretch it to last 30 minutes. There are great singers who can sing what’s written on the page but they can’t give you anything more than that. But it’s all those little extras that Luther puts into a song that made it special.

Ladies and gents, when he sings Superstar it is truly mesmerizing. You actually feel exhausted when he finishes the song because it’s packed with so much emotion. But while he sings it all you can do is sit there like you’ve been hypnotized, hanging on every note, and waiting for and wanting of it more even though you know he’s done with it. Luther could sing the alphabet and I’d love it each and every time I heard it. In this live concert, it’s quite obvious he gives his very best from beginning to end.

We’re proud to present Luther Vandross “Live At Wembley”

1. Never Too Much
2. Any Love
3. Come Back
4. Love Won’t Let Me Wait
5. Give Me The Reason
6. Searching
7. For You To Love
8. Superstar
9. A House Is Not A Home
10. She Won’t Talk To Me
11. Stop To Love


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