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Jay Proctor’s latest release on Forevermore, Still Got Flow, is a unique combination of Southern Soul, Urban AC and Northern Soul that contains essential Classic R&B and New Old School Soul! This project boasts nine original songs written by Jay Proctor and is destined to impact the Southern Soul market with “Make This Promise To You” and the Urban AC markets with songs such as “Touched By An Angel” and “Got You On My Mind”. Even prior to this release, the cd has celebrated the success of “When Love Slips Away” and “I Wanna Make Love To You” in the Urban AC & Carolina Beach Music radio markets; both songs reaching the top of the Rhythm ‘N’ Beach Chart. Still Got Flow continues the musical journey of one of the most distinctive and recognized voices in all of Popular Music.

1. Got You On My Mind
2. Make This Promise to You
3. You Make Me Hot
4. Touched By An Angel
5. When Love Slips Away
6. Let’s Get Freaky
7. Still Got Flow
8. Fifty-fifty Deal
9. Slipping Away
10. When I’m Ready For Love
11. Baby I Love You
12. I Wanna Make Love to You

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