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The Songbird is back! And she has delivered unto us a soulful masterpiece entitled, My Naked Soul.
With this offering, Terisa Griffin has emerged as the consummate artist. Her voice has never been richer, her lyrics never more poignant, her soul never more accessible. She clearly knows who she is and the world will be a better place because of it.

On My Naked Soul, Terisa Griffin is lyrically fearless. It is as if every song was created in reverse – born fully cloaked in melodic splendor only to be stripped bare until just the naked soulful truth remains. How else can you explain the raw intensity of “Anymore,” the blissful confessional “Wonderful,” or the powerful love anthem for the ages, “Better Love Yourself?” This is lyrical truth serum, and the truth never… ever… sounded so damn good!

Yet, it is the voice ~ that unmistakable Terisa Griffin Gift from God ~ that melts the senses. Her voice warms like a full-bodied cabernet. It’s sexy, alluring, and spine tingling. Who among us can resist her plea on “One More Fight, One More Try?” A daily dose of “Alright” would put some pep in your step and umph in your rump!

This album, much like its first single, is pure “Sunshine.” It will undoubtably make you feel wonderful. Spend some time basking in its warmth and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Join us here at Voice Distribution as we present the one and only Ms. Terisa Griffin.

1. My Naked Soul Interlude
2. Anymore
3. Did You Ever
4. Sunshine Interlude
5. Sunshine
6. Wonderful
7. Cigarette Interlude
8. Cigarette In The Rain
9. I Can’t, Without You
10. Rose Colored Glasses Interlude
11. Rose Colored Glasses
12. Love Changed
13. Alright
14. One More Fight, One More Try
15. Better Yourself
16. Naked Goodbye
17. Sunshine Remix

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