Ray, Goodman & Brown “A Moment With Friends” CD-R


This CD can be played from the first track to the last track. A tribute to their friends in the industry.

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Formerly known as “THE MOMENTS” they are still one of the most sort after groups in the world. With hits like “Love On A Two-Way Street”, “Not On The Outside” and “Special Lady” written in the scrolls of history, RG&B continue to satisfy their fans with their “A Moment With Friends” CD. This CD will show you how & why the group has lasted for so long in the music industry.
[CD-R Copy Supplied By The Group]

Track Listing:
1. Your Are Everything
2. La La La Means I Love You
3. Spinning Around
4. Side Show
5. Breakup To Makeup
6. Coldest Day of My Life
7. Break Your Promise
8. I’m So Proud
9. Ooo Baby Baby
10. Look Over Your Shoulder
11. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind
12. Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
13. You’ve Been My Inspiration
14. Three Ring Circus

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