So Amazing Through The Eyes of Kevin Owens Book


Kevin Owens’ 32 years of memoirs and experiences on stage and behind the scenes with superstar Luther Vandross and Ray, Goodman & Brown.

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Kevin Owens spent a great deal of personal time with the entertainer Luther Vandross, one of the world’s greatest entertainers. They share dressing rooms on the road and were the best of friends.
Learn the stories that you have never heard in Kevin’s book So Amazing. There are many people waiting on this story, and this particular view is only available through the pages of this book.

FROM THE AUTHOR: The purpose of writing So Amazing is to share with the world the great 32 year journey of working with Luther Vandross and Ray Goodman and Brown. To share with you the great times we all had on the road and working within the record industry recording hit album after hit album for two decades. Also to share the episodes of the sad and happy times we all shared together. The greatness of his gift of voice is the key to the uniqueness of Luther Vandross, but there’s another part that needs to be shared.


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