Playback of my September 26, 2008 show.

Part 2 of 3
The Lonliest House on the Block-Blue Magic / It’s Like Magic-Blue Magic / Tear It Down-Blue Magic / Love Never Has to Say Goodbye-Blue Magic / In the Rain-Blue Magic / River-Blue Magic / Inside Out-Blue Magic / For the Love of You-Blue Magic / I Like You-Blue Magic / I’ve Found Someone-Barry White / Love Ballard-LTD / Forever Mine-The O’Jays / Walk Away from Love-David Ruffin / Don’t Turn Around-Black Ivory / Heavenly-The Temptations / We’re In this Together-Al Jarreau / We Go a Long Way Back-Bloodstone / The Beginning of My End-The Unifics / Toby-The Chi-Lites

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