Playback of my May 18, 2007 show.

Part 1of2

Love Ballad (LIVE)-Jeffrey Osborne / I’m Addicted To You-Patti Labelle / Right Here All Along-Ali Woodson / Willing To Forgive-Aretha Franklin / I’m On My Knees-Jonathan Butler / My Best Friend-Atlantic Star / Smile-Cindy Mizellie / Never Keeping Secrets-Babyface / I’ll Run To You-Whitney Houston / In You-Glenn Jones / Why You Cry I Cry-Jesse / I Appreciate Your Love-Gerald Alston / He Can’t Love You-Jagged Edge / LEON CO-HOST Crusin-Smokey Robinson / Will You Be My Wife-Leon & The Peoples / All My Life-Kci & JoJo / My Girl-The Temptations

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