Playback of my May 1, 2009 show.

Part 1 of 2
Love Zone-Surface / Where Do We Go From Here-Enchantment / Baby Blues-Barry White / Baby Come Close-Smokey Robinson / For The Good Times-Al Green / Go On and Cry-Bloodstone / I’ll Try-The Ebonys / Day By Day-The Continental 4 / When I Give My Love-Phyllis Hyman / Roses Champagne Candlelight-Stan the Man / I’ll Erase Away Your Pain-The Whatnauts / If You-Silk / He’s Not Good Enough-Solo / I Found Love-Johnny Gill / I Can’t Say No-Natalie Cole

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18 Responses to “The Love Zone – May 1, 2009 Part 1of2”

  1. Stan The Man says:

    The Show on May 1st was off the chain, all the songs played on that show was alot of my favorites, and especially the new track debut of Stan The Man!
    Maurice you made a dream come true
    I’m forever grateful for the greatest radio show !

  2. MagdaMaria Aka La_Rubia_SCS says:

    Hello Stan!!

    Your voice is always welcome in my house! and YES OI agree on Maurices selection.. Wow Maurice,,, U are FIERCE!

    are you ever in NY?

  3. Brenda Williams says:

    WOW this “STAN THE MAN” is totally awesome !!!!!!! Such a sensual voice WOWWWWWWWWW this song, but the MAN himself is SUPER. Never met him in person but have chatted with him online and he is a super guy who has a greatttttttttt talent. He is so down to earth also, he KNOWS he has a great talent but he has such a sweet personality too. Such a sexy guy too. ooops DID I say that? uh huh I did. WTG Stan…I am very proud of you on this one. I probably am your biggest fan and you don’t even know it. I trully enjoy your voice, and how you put your whole heart and soul into your songs Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmercy @ you !!!!!!!! Congrats on your new CD !!!
    Your Friend, Brenda
    aka Tennessee Blonde

  4. Dedra says:

    Hello My Friend,

    Long time no hear your singin….its make my day good!
    Thanks for sharing with me.


  5. Derrick Crouch sr says:

    I’ve worked with Stan the Man for quite a few years, what a talented, sharp, individual I’m blessed to have him as a friend. Roses, Champagne, Candlelight is a great song keep up the good work my brother God bless. Derrick Crouch

  6. Nancy JNJ says:

    Stan…..What can I say…..You have always been one of the best vocalists I’ve met and now you are getting the props you deserve…..Love Roses, Campagne & Candlelight….and especially …’s great to hear you again….Always best of luck and success to you….you certainly deserve it…..

    Nancy 🙂

  7. The Temprees says:

    Stan the Man’s song …… Roses, Campagne & Candlelight ranks with the best. When he was working on it …he let us listen….. we told him that he had something special. The Best of luck to you ….dear friend Stan, we are so proud of you. Just like family. Maurice … keep the Groove going, we will be checking you out more to get our inspiration…. Love Zone

    Del, JC, Scotty
    The Temprees

  8. Ms Lady says:

    I enjoy listening to Love Roses, Champagne & Candlelight it is a great song. Stan the Man is very talented and I wish him luck and many many years of continued success. I met him on line and he is very much an inspiration to all.
    God Bless, love you Ms Lady

  9. Wendell Sawyer says:

    The song by Stan The Man is a great song, it sounds good with all the other classic soul music Maurice plays and it’s good maurice gives up coming artist a chance to be heard. I love the “LOVE ZONE”.

  10. Stephanie J-Dee Blog Page says:

    how are you ? i hope your weekend is good.
    i love the Champagne & Candlelight song…
    let me take the time & drop so more luck
    on your page…peace and God Bless you.


  11. CHERAY says:


    There are crooners, and swooners,…..
    You are both, dontcha know. You singing Love, Roses, Champagne, and Candlelight amazingly MELLOW AND SMOOTH, as a velvet glove. Your delivery nothing short of FINESSE. Keep up the great work, for you deserve to be in the spotlight with this kind of work, now…. and for many years to come.


  12. Michelle says:

    Thanks For Sharing Stans Music For all the world to hear and be able to enjoy What he does!
    He is Awesome All the way around, Filled with SO Much Soul.
    Always love to hear you sing Stan,Good Luck with all that you do.
    You’ve worked hard and Deserve it!

  13. Buck_46 says:

    ive listen to a lot of people on the net sing but very few move me too listen farther stan the man is in that group its a pleasure listeing too him work thank you stan good luck

  14. Jazze/blkdiamone says:

    Stan … I always knew you had a special gift. I have listened to you for some years now and always enjoyed your talent. This is a really a special treat to hear you on this podcast. You are so deserving of this and much more…. Thank you Maurice for helping to expose great talent to your listeners….

  15. TonyLearner says:

    The man can melt steel. If you are not in the mood for romance, give him a listen. He’ll take you on a magic carpet ride!

  16. TonyLearner says:

    P.S. Learn about Stan through his voice and through his music. I can sing his praises (that’s easy) but his singing will tell you a whole lot more about him than I can. For in his vocal performance you will feel compassion and love and goodness. And you will behold pure entertainment. Enjoy!

  17. Ruth/Ladyhwk04 says:

    wow that really Stan is and always was the awesome man, friend and singer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and listening to Thank you Maurice my friend for sharing so much with me.

  18. Judi Beltz says:

    Stan the Man. Quite amazing;) You keep going. You desrve only the best.