Playback of my March 23, 2007 show.

Part 1 of 2 Playlist:

Somewhere There’s A Love Just For Me-Shalamar / Breezin-George Benson / Now That I Have You-Luther Vandross / Fairytales-The Whispers / In My Time-Teddy Pendagrass / Nobody Loves Me Like You Do-Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson / Paradise-Willie Hutch / Grateful-Blue Magic / A Million To One-The Manhattans / Intimate Friends-Eddie Kendricks / Sweet Fools-Essence / If Ever A Love There Was-Aretha Franklin And 4 Tops / Love Ballad-Patti Labelle / This Love Is Forever-Howard Hewett / State Of My Heart-LaToya London / I’m Saving Your Place-Eddie and Gerald Levert / You Ought To Know Me-David Ruffin / So In Love With You-Leroy Hudson / Til’ Tomorrow-Marvin Gaye

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